Harromere Eloden - Ascended Kings boardgame

Enter Harromere Eloden: https://harromereeloden.carrd.co/

For the past 2 years I've had a kickass time helping Incarnate Games bring the characters and world of Ascended Kings to life. As the next few months unfold, I'll be posting more and more from this epic tabletop fantasy, all leading up to our big reveal at Gen Con in August!

Follow along our creative episodic journey here: http://www.incarnategames.com/blog/category/episodes/episodes-31-40/ You can find everything from early concept sketches, initial graphic design and UI work, to time lapse videos and more! And each episode includes transcripts from our feedback sessions so you'll literally see the inception for each piece of artwork from start to finish smiley

If you have any questions or comments or things you'd like to see that isn't yet included on here or on our process page, let me know! -D

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