The Precipice: Rail Car

I've been cranking to get this work done for Spectrum Live next month. It's been a real treat for me lately to focus most of my energies on this project. I've been slowly letting information out to a few close people to see what their take is on the story and the support I've gotten has been incredible. So as part of my birthday present to you all, here's a piece from the story with a small excerpt to give you an idea of where this all starts

"It's been nearly 46 hours since I made the drop. Time's almost up. The coven doesn't usually take this long. Adarak may be many things but one trait he's sure to impart on his order is punctuality. In my 2 short years as a courier for the Sect, Adarak has never been late on a contract...never, something father takes great comfort in knowing. And yet here I sit. 5 stories up in a pale hotel room waiting for that inevitable sign to arrive.

This whole city is a testament to strength of mankind. Day after day, it's citizens flood the streets with the morning rush, eager to take in the fresh folly of the unknown, only to trickle back to their private lives as the shadows grow and sun wanes beyond the horizon. I used to be among them. As a child the routine gave me a sense of purpose and authority over my own existence. Blissfully unaware of what would someday open my eyes to life's unfortunate reality. But like all hives there are the outer layers of humanity. Forgotten roads and misplaced dreams that all converge on the feeblest of minds. This is where I found my place in the world."

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